Revd. Giles CarpenterWelcome from Giles Carpenter, Vicar of St John’s

At the centre of our life together is the conviction that from the very youngest to the oldest, each of us is called to be a lifelong learner.To help us learn and grow together we are continuing to develop a range of services, midweek groups and other activities that incorporate different styles and expressions of worship but which are all united by a vision to enable us to grow as followers of Jesus. Some are about transforming local communities as part of our call to love God’s world; some focus on worshipping God through different expressions of worship, and others are about building God’s church as we seek to become and make disciples – or learners – of Jesus.

Our mission can be summarised this way: worshipping God, building his church, loving his world. 

We believe that every person counts and that each of us has a unique gift and calling which we bring not only to the church but also to the local community and to the wider world. Nurturing faith and helping each other to discover and to fan into flame the gift God has given for the benefit of others is central to our life in community.

We believe church is best when laughter and loss have equal opportunity to be expressed, when young and old are equally valued and where we all have the freedom to be vulnerable with God and with each other.

As an Anglican church and part of the Church of England we are here for everyone, whoever they are. We are here to serve the entire local community because we believe this is God’s call on our lives. The basis of our values is found in the 39 Articles of Religion.

I hope as you browse the site you will get a sense of the kind of church we seek to be, but better still come see for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you soon on a Sunday or at one of the week-day activities.

Yours in His service